Saturday, February 11, 2012

Google Chrome - removing the + makes adding new tabs confusing

Without the "+" it's harder for new users to understand how to add new tabs.  It's design over function.
This is not really easier.  I can see how it's "cleaner" from a design perspective, but if I was going to explain how to use Chrome now, I would say, to create a "new tab" press that small grey parallelogram next to the tab to create a new tab.  Whereas before I would say press the "plus" button next to the new tab to create a new tab.  But I guess this really comes down to Google's semantic attempt to own the word plus and +1 etcetera.  So choices are now being made that make Google harder to use.  This reminds me of when they tried to get rid of the top bar that I have been using to select "images/maps/news" to refine my search and tried to rap it all in an drop down menu called "The Google Button".  It made Search, the thing I use Google for, harder to use.  Surprisingly they recently reversed their decision.  No word on getting the second search box back at the bottom of search results, causing people who need to refine their results to forever page back up to the top of the page...

Update: Looking at it now, a few days later, it still looks wrong.  It looks like a program where the bitmap hasn't properly loaded.  Like part of the program is missing.  Bring back the + button for adding new tabs, Google.  It's okay to make mistakes and overly embrass minimalism, as long as you come back when you know you've gone too far.  (and remove the blog reader from Blogger!  Blogger is a publishing tool.  Google Reader is a blog reader.  Seperate them!)

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