Saturday, March 2, 2013

Chrome book close lid open lid needs to be smoother Chromebook takes 30-40 seconds to turn the wifi back on forgets wifi network after closing lid

For now I'm just not sure on it.  It needs to be smoother.

Will continue testing this one.  As of right now, I think it takes a little bit for the wifi to come back on and then it will auto connect.  

Really don't want this to be true, cause this would be a showstopper of annoying proportions (as well as breaking the ability to recommend this laptop to non-power users), but the last couple of times I've closed the screen and re-opened it, Chrome failed to auto-reconnect to the Wifi network and I had to select it manually.

many report the same problem here, but maybe the reboot fixed it and maybe it was due to something else.

Testing now.  It came back on, but it took maybe 30-40 seconds for the wifi card to turn on (presumably.)  This kinda ruins the auto on nature of the device.  Auto on, but to nothing.

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