Saturday, March 2, 2013

30 Days with a Chromebook

Project Proposal:  After a week of thinking about chromebooks (after seeing my friend Bethanie's and using it briefly), I've been thinking of getting one.  This makes some sense, as I'm always buying new computers and new operating systems and technically there is a whole in my netbook lineup (having sold my Dell Mini9 Hackintosh), but it makes less sense as I already own a perfectly good Macbook Pro.

However there is something to be said about Computer Specialization, which is definately something that I'm into these days.  My kindle paperwhite is a dedicated reader.  When I pick it up, my job is to read a book and it's job is to display it to me, which it does brilliantly and backlit these days (however it stopped reading books aloud to me, for reasons that are more political than techinal).  The Chromebook would be a "work computer" that is to say my goal would be to use it for typing and to use it to increase my typing.  Also I'd try to use the chromebook to type in new locations like coffee shops.  People have always said that I should get out and write more and that it would allow me to focus (which is ironic, as I've had to stop typing this several times to deal with the dogs and there's endless distractions at home).

The idea I've had right now is to get a chromebook (and case) from Best Buy (therefore, I will be trying it for 30 days from Best Buy and if I don't like it or use it enough, it will be going back!)  , walk the mall to the Starbucks, find some free internet and see how this thing really works.  I've already been uploading music to Google Music, I have a pair of bluetooth headphones and of course I have my hands for typing.  Can I be in Starbucks with a totally set up typing machine with a nice library of music on a light computer that has no fans and no hard drive?  (basically a toy?  more like a typewriter than a computer.)

I've even heard it can do remote desktop.  That would allow me to control my computers that really do stuff and still do things while chromebooking (which I mean to be typing and typing and typing.  The endless typing that I must do until I communicate more and properly.)

BestBuy has a 30 day return policy, so if the computer isn't up to snuff (possible reasons for rejection, it's not fast enough, doesn't turn on quick enough (i've heard there's some sleeping issues), is too light, is too small (keyboard rest could be an issue), how it feels on a lap, how it feels on a table, how it looks, how the OS is configured (can I hide the taskbar?)


 - Type 100,000 words on the Chromebook
 - Apply for 100 jobs on the Chromebook
 - update and improve my resume with the Chromebook
 - Write 10 short stories
 - Write 10 poems
 - seriously work on my re-write
 - Write 1 collaborative story on Google Docs (while hanging out?)
 - Host a Live Hangout? (get friends to call in?) - upload it to youtube afterwards?
(the webcam has been desribed as one that monet would love, so I'll bet it sucks, but it's a neat option again an updgrade on pen and paper)
 - Create some images on the chromebook (is this even possible?)
 - Write 30 daily update posts for Nitpicking Google
(not be distracted by the slamming of doors at home, be distracted by the people of the world, all potential characters and people to learn from)
 - Write in 5 public places
 - Maybe take Chromebook on a hike somewhere.
 - Take Chromebook on a bike ride
(I wanted to write, test Chromebook in outer space, but I realize that's not an option.... yet.)

I think this is going to be a real fun project, and if the Chromebook isn't up to snuff, or I find out that I don't need it after two weeks (many people predict that I only really need to try out the technology not actually own it and that I'll be through with the Chromebook after two weeks and back to my mac.  They might be right.) then I'll just return it.  To infinity and beyond!  (that is to say I'm gonna go take a shower.  no typing in there.)

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