Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Goo.gl - The Name of Google's URL Shortener shouldn't start with a G

Sure, I want to stop using bit.ly.  The domain name is from Libya and I'm no more attached to the name bitly than I am to any other cutely named short url service.  I'd like to use Google's "Goo.gl", but it's hard to get it to come up in the address bar, because it's named the same as Google, which always comes up when I push G, or Go, or Goo (I have to type "goo.").  Whereas bit.ly comes up when I type bi.  Maybe if Goo.gl had a name that didn't start to G it would be more popular and easier to use.


  1. Yeah, it lacks their usual forethought, but I'm betting a lot of people don't realize that there's an advantage in coming up with a unique beginning to whatever your address is.

    Just reading this little article I thought up something like "oogle" or "oggle".

  2. oo.gl sounds good to me

    still very google.... "ooo-gle" could be their "Yahooooo!"

    just checked, on my autocomplete oo is hardly used. Anybody could name their site or product that and corner the quicktyping market on OO.

    and of course there are hundreds of thousands more good combinations......

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