Wednesday, February 27, 2013

More Google Music Manager Confusion and Why can't there be an option for black icons?

why not an option for all black icons, Google?

so then my mac asks me if I want to run "Music Manager" and frankly it has a good point.  What is "Music Manager"?  Sounds suspicious and powerful.  It's gonna manage my music.  Manage it good.  Then a pop up window asks me to sign into "Google Music Manager".  What is that?  Also how annoying.  I'm already signed into Google Notifer?  Why not use that one?  I can see it, it's two icons down from the grey (annoying) headphones icon (again why not offer the option to set the icon to black.  Look at my beautiful non-annoying dropbox icon that has the option!)  (*also, spell checkers of the world, can you start autocorrecting teh to the automatically?  No one ever means to type teh, though I guess blogger and google docs don't have auto complete for words yet?  or maybe I just don't have it turned on.  Not sure.  Used it once on Open Office, it was creepy but seemed like it saved time.  Wonder how it would work for storywriting.  Think it needed a better and faster dictionary as well last time I used it.

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